Primewest Office

The Faulding’s Buildings, built in 1898, are a good example of both the Federation Free Classical and Federation Warehouse style of architecture in the Perth CBD.

The brief was to convert several of the residential apartments to office space, opening up the internal volumes and revealing the original fabric and spatial quality of the original warehouses. The very nature of adaptive reuse is an exercise in sustainability, bypassing the wasteful process of demolition and reconstruction. A sensitive design approach was taken to preserve the heritage value of the property. There is a clear distinction between old and new, with an industrial influence on the new, referencing the original use of the buildings. Recycled materials have been used where suitable to retain the embodied energy of the existing structure.

The final result is a combined effort of all consultants to overcome the difficulty of conservation and upgrading an older building up to meet current legislative requirements.

Murray Street, Perth, WA