Environmental Sustainability Policy

As signatories to the Australian Architects Declare, Meyer Shircore Architects recognises and seeks to minimise its impact on the environment through our business operations.

We also recognise the significant indirect environmental impact through our design services process we provide to clients, and seek to minimise that impact where possible.

  • Adopt sustainable practices throughout the workplace to minimise impact of activity and consumables
  • Actively encourage clients and consultants to include sustainability as a key element of the design process from the outset
  • Actively encourage staff to seek sustainable design and material alternatives where possible
  • Provide employees with opportunity for training and education on matters of sustainability
  • Encourage staff to develop new sustainability and ESD initiatives
  • Implement sustainable design practices in all aspects of projects where possible
  • Develop and maintain a material library of sustainable products
  • Complying with and exceeding all applicable legislative and regulatory requirements pertaining to ESD
  • Actively seek sustainable design alternatives in all aspects and at all stages of the building process