Atlantis Childcare & Indoor Play Centre

This mixed-use development comprises a Childcare Centre, Indoor Play Centre, and several Strata-Tilted Offices, located in the heart of the Clarkson area.

The brief for the development was to create a landmark building with reciprocal uses that can support the surrounding community. The client, being a child care owner and operator saw this as the core of the development with the office space provided to serve local small businesses.

The Childcare Centre will cater for 90 children and features a raised outdoor play area with numerous play zones and activities for the children. The Indoor Play Centre boasts 1,800m² of play area, four themed party rooms, state of the art play equipment and a full commercial kitchen, making it one of the best indoor play centres in the Perth area.

The irregular site boundaries made for an interesting architectural design and difficult structural solution, however the consultant team, along with the builders work collaboratively to achieve a great final result that meets all the needs of the client and achieves their vision.

Ocean Keys Boulevard, Clarkson, WA