Adina Hotel

This proposed development encompasses a high-quality contemporary redevelopment of approximately two-thirds of the Woolstores Shopping Centre generally within the location of an existing shopping centre.

The intention is to deliver an overall development outcome that sets a new standard of architectural excellence that will deliver a new vibrant mixture of land uses and opportunities, creating an activated, interesting, and significantly improved urban environment at this prominent location.

In preparing the design of the proposed development, the subject site’s relationship to the broader context surrounding the precinct has been considered, along with its relationship with the existing elders Woolstores building to the immediate north, the Fremantle Train and Bus Station (and planned future forecourt works), reinforcement and enhancement of desirable pedestrian routes, and accessibility for cars, bicycles, and pedestrians.

The proposed development meets the aspirations of the future desired character of the area in all regards in that it provides a desired range of uses, combining a high level of retail, accommodation, hotel, office, and associated uses which are complementary to one another, encouraging 24-7 usage and a wide range of economic development, employment, short stay, and residential use of opportunities.

Cantonment Street, Fremantle, WA